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I have been the guitar and ukulele teacher at the Village School, an alternative elementary school in Royalston Massachusetts, for the past four years.  As my students have graduated I've begun teaching private lessons with them at new schools, like the Farm School in Orange, or at their homes in the area.  

I teach private lessons out of my home in Hubbardston, or in the local area surrounding, for several years.  

I've taught group guitar and ukulele classes at Listening Wellness Center in Barre, as well as programs for the Hubbardston public library, and guitar and songwriting classes at Voyagers Homeschool Resource Center in Acton.  


I teach group and private lessons at Listening Wellness Center in Barre.  I teach the following classes:

1 Hour Beginner's Guitar Group: $20

1 Hour Intermediate-Advanced Guitar Group: $20

45 Minute Ukulele Group: $20

Half-Hour Private Lesson: $20

1 Hour Private Lesson: $35

For information about scheduling and availability, email me:

Matthew hamer

Guitar, ukulele, and drum teacher


I, Matthew Hamer, have been teaching guitar in the Worcester county and western Massachusetts area for five years.  I began teaching my peers when I was in my early teens, teaching songs I knew to other kids interested in learning guitar.  I was introduced to teaching through my first musical teacher, Jocelyn Langer, who taught me recorder, Irish tinwhistle, and piano from age six.  She began teaching guitar group lessons and enlisted my help as a teaching assistant, and eventually began teaching students from the class in private lessons.  

I picked up guitar when I was 10 years old, mostly just messing around and learning from a book I had on the basics of guitar.  Though I learned the very basics through that book, the majority of what I was doing was playing songs I knew by ear, a skill I picked up when I was younger and began playing recorder.  I learned how to play chords and teach myself songs in a beginning guitar class I took at a homeschool co-op.  From there I taught myself every song I listened to with the help of the internet until I was 16.  

When i was 16 I began taking formal guitar lessons from jazz guitar instructor Troy Price. Since then my knowledge of guitar has grown exponentially.  My relationship with guitar grew from being a hobby to an obsession.  I learned complex music theory through jazz, blues, classical guitar, and classic rock.  My diverse palate of music taste exposed me to different styles of guitar playing, and I dove into learning and dissecting each of them.  

Around the same time as I was immersing myself in guitar, I began learning ukulele from Dano Sullivan at a Mount Wachusett Community College noncredit course on the basics of ukulele.  After several semesters of learning multiple angles of looking at ukulele as an instrument, I began teaching ukulele as well as guitar, using it in jazz and blues just as much so as contemporary and indie music as it is known to be used in so often.  

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